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Run, test and experience the latest features and experiments on our test networks.

Alpha testnet is live

We are pleased to announce the release of the first alpha version of the Ellcrys project. Accompanying this release is an alphanet (a test network) composed of nodes running an alpha version of the Elld client.

Read our Getting Started guide to learn how to install the client software and create a key.

P2P Payment - Cryptocurrency

The latest alpha "Inception" features a cyptocurrency. It enables users send the native digital currency between two accounts. It includes similar cryptocurrency functionality found in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Nakamoto Consensus

Inception is based on Nakamoto Consensus which dictates that the chain with the most proof-of-work wins. Nakamoto consensus serves as a base for our future hybrid PoW/PoS consensus system.

Javascript Console

Also included is a Javascript console for creating and executing commands that fetch or create the blockchain state. Through this console, users can access the blockchain, node, network and account information.

Discord Community

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Explore Docs

Read our guides, protocol and API references.

Upcoming Releases

Our Main Network will be operational in Q4 2019. However, several test networks will be launched prior to the the Main Network.

  • Inception (1st Alpha) Active
  • Wonkru (2nd Alpha) Next
  • BitRest (3rd Alpha)
  • BitKick (4th Alpha)
  • Main Net. (Q4 2019)
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