Enabling a future of open organizations championed by global collaborators.

Ellcrys is a blockchain protocol and an ecosystem dedicated to the creation and management of open organisations.

Our Values


We believe community organizations must be built around transparency. Collaborators need to know everything in other to work together and make decisions effectively.


The freedom to use, access and engage communities and the products they create must not be restricted. We care about making tools that respect freedom and encourage others to do the same.


We are on a mission to create an ecosystem of collaborators working together to create life-changing products. We believe people of diverse skills spread across the globe can be a force for good when mistrust and inequality are eliminated.


We believe in censorship-resistance and sovereignty of identities and assets. With autonomy, communities can control assets and self-govern without interference. Decentralisation makes these qualities possible.


While we embrace decentralisation as a backbone for building open, sovereign communities, we acknowledge the efficiency and superior user experience in centralised systems. Considering that some communities may only require decentralised governance but centralised execution and as a platform that aims not to impose ideologies, we will support centralised technologies and communities.

Our Team

Kennedy Idialu
Kennedy Idialu

CEO, Co-founder & Developer

Odion Olumhense
Odion Olumhense

COO & Co-founder

Usman Amusat
Usman Amusat

Product Lead

Micheal Sodimu

Software Developer

Marvin Ogah
Marvin Ogah

UI/UX Designer

Ugo Ogbonna
Ugo Ogbonna

Frontend Developer

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