Company Roadmap


  • Research and development.
  • Centralized prototype development.
  • Launch of token private sale.

2018 Q1

  • Launch of Token Pre-Sale.
  • Depreciate Centralized Components.
  • Began decentralized components developments.

2018 Q4

  • Release of network client (alpha).
  • First test network (runs v0.1 of network client).
  • Launch of block explorer (
  • Launch of new website and documentations.
  • Release of mining mechanism whitepaper (PeopleMint).

2019 Q1

  • Launch of Desktop Wallet (SafeHold).
  • Release of upgrade token management platform (Ellcrys Suite).
  • Improvements to SafeHold, Elld and Ellscan.
  • Release of Spell, a Javascript library for accessing the network.
  • Release of new whitepaper.

2019 Q2

  • Launch of Pre-IEO.
  • Begin Ellcrys protocol consensus upgrade.
  • Improvements on SafeHold, ELLD and EllScan.

2019 Q3

  • Release of upgrade network client (v0.3-alpha).
  • Launch of code sharing and collaboration web application (in beta).
  • Launch of IEO.
  • Upgrade of test network to v0.3-alpha.
  • Upgrade of block explorer to v0.3-alpha.
  • Upgrade of SafeHold to v0.3-alpha.
  • Commencement of protocol and implementation audits.

2019 Q4

  • Release of upgrade network client (v1.0 beta).
  • Add collaborative features to SafeHold.
  • Release of Peoplemint complementary apps for scanning and validation.
  • Upgrade of test network to v1.0 beta.
  • Upgrade of Block explorer to v1.0 beta (incl. Repository explorer and statistics).
  • Upgrade of SafeHold to v1.0 alpha.
  • Commencement of main coin distribution via Peoplemint.

2020 Q1

  • Launch main network.
  • Host Ellcrys Summit in Lagos - Our flagship event.
  • Move SafeHold, Ellscan, Spell.js and the test network out of beta.