A protocol for creating
of new native coins

PeopleMint gives everyone a chance to participate in
coin creation using a resource (a bank note) that is
both valuable and accessible to all classes of people.

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Video-scan a valid national banknote

Take a short video to capture an image of a banknote with the last 12 bytes of the hash of a recent block written on the said banknote.

Preliminary validation of scanned banknote

Node A weed out banknotes that have a serial that was previously processed, or notes that have unsupported denomination of currency code.

Off-chain validation of the banknotes

Validators attempt to analyse the banknote to check the correctness of the information provided by the banknote scanner.

Banknote analysis encryption

The validator sends their analyses in an encrypted format. The analysis will include information that vouch for the correctness of the information provided by the scanner.

Transaction decryption

When enough encrypted votes have been received, the validators must send a revelation transaction that decrypts their previously encrypted votes.

Majority votes wins

The network collates the revealed votes and computes the amount of coin to generate for a banknote only if the majority of validators successfully vouch for the banknote.

Reward disbursement

When a banknote gets scanned, validated and added to a block, there is a devaluation function applied that reduces the USD value of the banknote by up to 80%.