Create software products and organisations that are open, self-sovereign or community-driven.


Our mission is to foster a collaborative system dedicated to creating fundamentally transparent software organisations; Openness is essential in achieving our purpose of enabling a society where open source collaborators build software products and services that are user-first, community-governed, self-sovereign, equitable and competitive.


We value community and believe that communities dedicated to building open organisations are more likely to be open and take on user-centric approach in the technologies and services they create. We want a future where communities of collaborators build organisations that are capable of producing value for themselves, users and society.


Collaborators are free to create governance structures that work for them. It could be democratic, where every action must pass through votes or one that allows elected delegates to act on behalf of collaborators. We are working to create a vendor-neutral protocol that provides the necessary tools for communities to structure themselves according to their shared preferences.

Value Capture

Small to large enterprises use open source products with a few contributing financially to enable maintainers to continue to provide support. They build the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world and capture all that value for themselves and their shareholders. We are interested in developing an ecosystem that empowers communities to build competitive, value creating products enabled by a protocol that decentralises ownership and governance while allowing contributors to collaborate with reduced friction

Single Identity

Collaborators will be able to interact with other centralised or decentralised entities under a shared identity that is governed collectively. The single identity enables projects to access services provided by cloud hosting providers, app store operators, exchanges and so on.

Distributed Workforce

Engage a community of contributors dedicated to contributing to projects that resonate with their interests and beliefs. As a collaborator, you will be able to offer your skills to open organisations in exchange for incentives in the form of coins, stake, reputation or any other means supported by communities.


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