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What is ELLD (CLI)?

ELLD is the official software client used to connect and interact with the Ellcrys network. It is actively developed and maintained by the Ellcrys team. With ELLD, users will be able to start a private network, join an existing network, mine blocks, construct transactions and read the state of the network.

Where can I download the latest release of ELLD ?

Kindly click here to access the ELLD latest release page.

What are the desktop requirements for ELLD?

We built ELLD to have compatibility with all versions of most commonly used operating systems such as MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Will I be able to mine blocks with ELLD ?

You can mine blocks using the ELLD CLI as the CLI is connected to the testnet. Click here to join the network and participate in mining blocks.

I have little experience in command line functions, will I be shown steps on how to set up and join the network?

Steps in starting and joining the network have been made easy for users. Simply access the Getting Started page here

2. Ellscan

what is Ellscan

Ellscan is a tool that provides network participants information about Ellcrys mined blocks, transactions and general state of the Ellcrys blockchain.

Can i use Ellscan on mobile?

Yes, Ellscan can be accessed with any desktop or mobile browser. Simply click here to access the site.

How can i view transactions that occurred during a specific range

On the Overview page, use the date filter to specify your “start” and “end” dates of which transactions you want to view.

Why is the Ell price at $0.00?

This is so because Ell is currently not on an exchange. The value of Ell will change as soon as it gets listed on an exchange.

According to your website, your total coin supply is 1.5Bn, why is the token supply 25M on Ellscan?

1.5 billion is the total supply of Ell. Thishas not yet been distributed or allocated to anyone or any group of persons. The 25 million supply is the supply made available for use on the test network alone, it has nothing to do with with the mainnet and will not be moved to the mainnet, they may (will) get burnt when the mainnet is released.

Why is Ellscan showing a 404 page when i tried viewing an address?

One of the following could be the cause:
1. You may have entered the wrong URL.
2. You may have poor internet connection 3. You searched an ellcrys address that has made no transaction.

How do i view the latest transactions and mined blocks?

All your transactions and mined blocks on Ellcrys blockchain can be viewed on the overview page of safehold or by checking your address on Ellscan.

3. SafeHold

What is SafeHold?

SafeHold is a simple desktop client with an in-built miner that allows you easily mine blocks, create and manage accounts, send and receive transactions on the Ellcrys network. Click here to download.

What platform does the SafeHold desktop client support?

The platform has been tested and is currently supported on commonly used operating systems which are MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

How do I setup SafeHold on my desktop?

Setting up SafeHold is super easy with these few steps. Simply follow the guidelines below.
1. Download SafeHold on your computer here.
2. Launch SafeHold and enter your preferred password.
3. A list of 12 word phrase will be shown to you. Make sure you write them down or save them in a secured storage.
4. Click ‘Next’ and you will be required to select 4 correct words from the 12 word phrase shown to you on the previous page.
5. Boom, you’re in!

What happens if I lose my 12 WORD PHRASE?

Due to the nature of decentralisation, passwords and 12 WORD PHRASE are not stored by Ellcrys, this is the reason why we strongly advise to carefully and safely save your 12 WORD PHRASE because if you lose them, you will lose your funds.

How can i retrieve my lost password

You may not be able to retrieve your lost password because the feature is presently not available on the current version of the Ellcrys testnet. The easiest way to regain access to your account is by restoring your account.

How do i mine on SafeHold?

Click on the mining switch button located at the top left of safehold to begin mining. You can check your mining and sync status on the mining page.

Can i mine when i am not completely synced?

We strongly recommend you to sync up to the latest state of the chain before turning the miner engine ON.

I sent a transaction but I found it in the “unconfirmed tab” of the “Account transaction” section, what does that mean?

When the number of transactions on the network increases above what each block can take, it causes some transactions to be unconfirmed because these unconfirmed transactions will have to wait until the next block on the network is mined.

4. Ellcrys Suite

What is Ellcrys Suite?

Ellcrys Suite is a platform that shows you an overview of all your Ellcrys coin allocation from the pre-sale and private sale. You can access Ellcrys Suite here.

How do I create an ellcrys address?

You can create an Ellcrys address either from the ELLD CLI or the SafeHold desktop client.
1. On ELLD, simply
Set up and connect to interact with the Ellcrys network. Learn how to do so here.
After setting up, simply type ‘./elld account create’.
You will be prompted to input a password.
An account with the address will be generated and shown to you

2. On SafeHold desktop app, simply
Launch the SafeHold desktop app.
Set up and log in.
Click on the ‘Create Account’ button located on the top right corner of the overview page and select your preferred account name of choice.
A success page with your created account address will be shown to you.

What are testcoins?

They are Ellcrys coins that enables you to test the Ellcrys Alphanet Inception and other versions of the testnet but cannot be used on the mainnet or used when Ell gets listed on an exchange.

How do I obtain testcoins?

You can get test coins with the simple 5 steps listed below:
1. Visit your Ellcrys overview page
2. Locate the testcoin request form and
3. Input your Ellcrys address
4. Click the 'Request 120 Ellies' button
5. An email will be sent to you confirming your request

How long does it take to get my test coin after requesting

You will get an email notification within 1 hour after requesting the test coin.

Can I request test coins more than once?

You can only request for test coins once after 24 hours. You will get a mail confirming your request.

How do I know if my request for testcoins has been granted?

Once your request gets filled, you will receive an email confirming the disbursement of the test coin. Allocated test coins can be viewed on the overview page of your suite.


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